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Live with the extraordinary

In nature, the possibilities are infinite.

You can create a slide with the sandbox.
Roasting marshmallows while gazing at a bonfire,
observing the moon and stars that you don't normally see,
or even the sound of rain inside a tent can be soothing.

"anything becomes a playground
when you have nature"
That's how "ties Camp Ground Nagiso"
was born.

Live with the extraordinary

Revitalize a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house, breathing new life into it.

"Creating new value in a historical Japanese landscape."
Within walking distance of the "Tsumago-juku," a National Important Cultural Property,
Nagiso in Nagano Prefecture retains a strong trace of its history.
Village in the mountains has been buried in the passage on time and is being forgotten.
In order to pass on and preserve history to many people,
we renovated a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house.

The living room is designed to be a space where people gather to relax and unwind.
The space that used to be a horse stable retains its stone walls while being transformed into
a modern kitchen with an island-style dishwashing counter, allowing everyone to mingle.
We also put special emphasis on designing the toilets, shower room,
and powder room to enhance the comfort of outdoor experiences.

Comfy Camp

"Convenient," "Comfortable," and "Cozy"

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